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2nd Annual Cancer vs Construction

Hello Troops! Been a long time since I have posted. We have been busy living life and I had a slight technical issue with my phone. But now I’m back! Jillian had a yearly scan back in November and I am pleased to say she remains CANCER FREE!! She is enjoying the 3rd grade and taking piano lessons as well as karate classes.

Yesterday we attended the 2nd annual Cancer vs Construction event. This event was sponsored many companies. I need to give a big shout to to a few of these folks….

To my father’s employer Las Vegas Paving, Laurie Mendenhall, thank you so much for putting on this amazing event! And our very own Aunt Paula’s employer NDL Group participated with Jillian’s favorite activity- the sand box! And Fox 5 News…. thanks for covering this event and bringing more awareness to childhood cancers!

You all ROCK! A giant Jillian’s Army SALUTE!!!

CIC Momma

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