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Happy Father’s Day and Summer!

Well hello there troops! Sorry for the absence; but summer is here and we are keeping very busy. Our warrior Jillian has successfully finished her pre-k class and will promote on to Kindergarten this fall! She is doing remarkably well.

She continues to be seen by Dr.B on a monthly basis for labs and urinalysis. He is watching for subtle changes that could signify relapse. So far so good. She is very healthy. Alrhough she did start receiving a few vaccines back in March and we did a titer to see how well her body is responding to those. Unfortunately she is not making the normal amount of antibodies to protect her from those diseases. In a nutshell…. The vaccines are not working in her body. Sometimes that happens after a stem cell transplant I am told. Which is a big reason why OTHER people need to be responsible and vaccinate their children. Jilli will be starting public school again and I would hate it if she caught something very preventable. Rant over…  

She is scheduled for her next big scans on July 20th. And I have been following a few other warriors that are having a bit of a challenge in their fight. One has just relapsed, one has been placed on hospice and another found out current treatment is not working. Needless to say, my anxiety level has been raised exponentially. This first year off treatment is so critical. I just want my baby to stay cancer free.

So… On a lighter note, we must wish our General Dad a Happy Father’s Day ( hey, better late than never) It was a busy day of food, family, beer and the pool. Our little Jilli has become fearless in the pool lately and that scares the crap out of all of us! She insists on holding her breath and going under water- no floaties! So she starts private swim lessons on Monday. 

For now, it’s all about keeping Sienna and Jillian busy and not fighting with each other! We wish you all a very happy summer! Stay cool out there!


CIC momma 


Remembering those who gave all…

(Sorry for the late post, technical difficulties) …on this Memorial Day we are remembering what is important in our lives. We are blessed to be cancer free and going about living “normally” but our freedom is not FREE! Thank you to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom🇺🇸

Our Warrior Turns 5

Wow what a day! So hard to believe my baby is 5 years old today. So much has happened in 5 short years. I am just grateful she is alive to celebrate this milestone birthday. She is a miracle, she is my hero, she and Sienna are my everything! Happy Birthday my little love!!! 

CIC momma 


A Day at the drags

As usual my life is one busy day after the next. I do want to share an incredible experience we had last weekend. We were invited by Make A Wish of So NV to go to the NHRA drag races last Saturday.  Not only did we get to watch some intense cars go crazy fast down the track, but we also got to meet the driver of the Make A Wish car! Tommy Johnson Jr was so nice! He took the time to visit with us, take pics, sign autographs and hang out with us in the hospitality tent near his pits. We were all a little star struck! I wish he would’ve won the finals here that weekend. Oh well next time! Here’s to you Tommy, you have some new fans! SALUTE!

CIC momma 


One Year NED

Hello Troops! Yesterday marked the 1 year anniversary that our Jillian was declared NED! Such sweet words, no evidence of disease. We celebrated this milestone with a special night at Chuck E Cheese. She has been asking to go there for over a year and now and it seems like now is the best time to give her this treat. She even made a new friend there!

I apologize for failing to post yesterday as the day of celebration was tarnished slightly by the loss of our beloved dog Sahvin. 

Sahvin was our mischievous, blue eyed princess. I fell in love with this wild Siberian Husky 15 years ago when I adopted her from the shelter. But she lived to be 16 1/2 and had a great life. My heart literally broke yesterday when we had to make “the decision”. Multiple seizures left her unable to maintain any quality of life. The girls are coping with her loss in their own way. Jillian said, “oh Sahvin died? She is gone? Poor Sahvin” and continued on playing. Sienna took it a bit harder. She had a special bond with this dog. But she seems ok knowing that Sahvin has gone to heaven and is reunited with her brother Hasek whom we lost right after Jilli was diagnosed. Now we just have our Roxy dog; she will be spoiled rotten.  It has taken it’s toll on me in ways I didn’t expect. I had gotten so used to giving daily meds to Jilli and Sahvin. Now, with Sahvin gone and Jilli no longer on any medications, I am contstantly feeling like I am forgetting to do something. 

I am trying my best to put and end to two chapters of life and focus on a new one. A chapter with only one dog (for now) and a cancer free life. Back to trying to find another “new normal”.  Life is all about change and we all have to learn to adjust. I thank you all for your continued love and support. Now let us move forward and conquer the day!


CIC momma 


Featured organization – Make-A-Wish


The second quarter of the year is upon us. As we mentioned earlier this year, the Moore’s “wish” is to shift the financial focus of Jillian’s Army over to serve the greater good. In addition to the need to raise research money for neuroblastoma and other childhood cancers, there is also a need to support those children that are currently in their fight. For those kids, like Jillian, there isn’t time to wait for research to bring a cure or less toxic treatments. They are forced to fight now, often against the odds. An organization who helps to bring some joy and hope to those kids and their families is Make-A-Wish.

When Jillian was first diagnosed and gravely ill, she would tell you that she was going to go to Disney when she gets “all better”. Thanks to Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada, Jillian wished to go to Disney World and that wish came true. You can read the story of her wish, as it is currently featured on the Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada website.

Her trip had to be postponed once due to the timing of treatment and necessary recovery time, but eventually her wish came true in spectacular fashion. Jillian and her family met tons of Disney characters including the main mouse himself, Mickey!

Moore Family with Mickey Mouse

Make-A-Wish is recognized as one of the top 10 charities in three areas: trust, in nonprofits that people are most likely to support in the future, and in brand equity. This good reputation is well earned with 75% of all funds raised going directly to wish granting*. The remaining funds go to fundraising efforts, the management and office staff. A vast majority of their funding goes right where it should – to granting wishes. The best part is that these wishes make a difference! 89% of nurses, doctors, social workers and child life specialists surveyed believe the wish experience can influence kids’ physical health. 79% of adult former wish kids confirm that their wish experience marked a turning point in treatment and recovery.*

From now until the end of June, Make-A-Wish is our Jillian’s Army featured organization.  Jillian’s Army is proud to support Make-A-Wish and we are forever grateful for the wish that was granted to Jillian. We hope that you will consider donating directly to them via their website Thank you again for your love and support of both Jillian and all the kids who have been diagnosed with cancer or will be diagnosed in the future. SALUTE!

* Information from Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada.

Moving forward with life after treatment

We had such an exciting and busy weekend. Friday was a fun filled birthday for Jillian’s aunt (and my talented, awesome, smart, witty Chief of Public Affairs) the one and only Paula. 

After a fun filled night of cake and karaoke, we had an amazing Saturday morning with the fantastic folks at Make A Wish of Southern Nevada. So many incredible businesses and people came out to Town Square to participate in the Walk For Wishes. General Dad’s employer Mercedes Benz of Henderson proudly lent out a convertible to be the pace car for the race. I got to ride on top with Jilli and Sienna as we led to participants through the route. I had a blast! 

Today was back to the busy, hectic life I live. She is supposed to start kindergarten in the fall. But there are some concerns about placing her in a public school with some of the things she has been through. She is showing some signs of immaturity in comparison to other kids her age. And with the public school system going full day kindergarten I am very stressed about how she will do in that environment. So I sought the help of a group called Child Find. Jillian has been through a number of assessments by their experts and today was the big day for us to get results.  They have determined that Jillian is eligible for and IEP (individualized education plan). This IEP will not only be good for the remainder of this school year (pre-k) but for kindergarten as well. Due to her medical condition (cancer treatment) and a hearing impairment she is protected by the ADA. General Dad and I are very happy by the outcome of this meeting. This will ensure that Jillian will not get lost in the crowd and she will get the specialized education she needs to get caught up to where she needs to be. I am just hoping that she will still be able to attend the same school as Sienna next year. We will know more in the next couple of days. 

Meanwhile Jillian has a cardiology appointment to check her heart and the all important surgery to remove her port on Friday. Send the positive energy and prayers for a good week and smooth surgery. Thank you all so much!

CIC momma

Happy Birthday to our COPA

Before we say goodnight on this first day of spring, we must wish a very special person “Happy Birthday”!!

Jillian’s aunt Paula celebrates a milestone birthday today. We love you and appreciate all you do! SALUTE!

NCI #MoreThan4

Jillian’s Army supports TheTruth365 in their selfie campaign to tell the National Cancer Institute that kids are worth more than 4% of all cancer research funding. 

You can help by sharing this photo and/or posting your own selfie on social media with the hashtags #MoreThan4 and #JilliansArmy.  You can also tweet it to @theNCI and email it to NCIadvocacy@NIH.mail.gov

There is a flyer available for you to print out at    http://4sqclobberscancer.com/on-capital-hill/morethanfour/

This is a great chance to send a powerful message. Our kids are worth so much #MoreThan4

Port Removal

Today our warrior had a very important appointment. We met with Dr. Fiore, the surgeon who put Jillian’s port in at the beginning of her fight.  It has been scheduled… The removal of her life saving port. March 27th is the big day. This truly signifies the end of her cancer treatment. Of course we will still need to check her labs often and have scans regularly. If this beast returns we need to know as early as we can. But this will be it… The port will be removed in a matter of weeks!

Thank you all for your love and support!

CIC momma

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