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A site to provide updates on Jillian Moore's fight against Stage 4 Neuroblastoma Cancer

The Covid-19 summer…

Hello troops! Just wanted to pop in and say hello. Hopefully everyone is staying safe and sane through these crazy times we are living in. Our warrior is doing fabulous. We are doing our best to still enjoy the little things in life. We enjoyed some beach time, boating, camping, and welcomed a brand new baby cousin into the world! And spending LOTS of time with family! August has us preparing a new and different kind of school year. We spend our days cleaning and organizing our rooms and getting ourselves all set for our school…. at home. Jillian will be starting 5th grade, her big sister Sienna starts 8th grade and I continue with my college courses. Wish us luck with this new way of education; I’m not sure I am the best at being a teacher!


Double Digit Birthday

We gave our warrior Jillian the best birthday she could have under the circumstances. Every birthday is a milestone we never thought we’d see. We love you precious baby. Happy 10th birthday!!!

Hello 4th Grade

Hello Troops! Just wanted to let everyone know that we are enjoying our lives. Feels so good to be at peace and not fighting the war. Our warrior started 4th grade this month and is enjoying school. She also started going to dance. She and her sister are attending a new dance studio closer to home. Jilli is taking Hip Hop and Acro and is LOVING it (so far.) We just started getting her immunizations caught up but are waiting for the titer to come back to see if she is in fact making antibodies. Prayers and positive thoughts are welcome at this time. Hope everyone enjoyed their summer and we are looking forward to the cooler temps of fall!


CIC Momma


Hi Troops!

July marked 6 years since our warrior started fighting for her life. In September it will be 5 years since her treatment ended. She has had clear scans ever since. She wasn’t able to have the final MIBG scan to look for cancer cells; the insurance company deemed it “unnecessary.” But she did have on final CT scan to check for any tumors. Scans came back clear once again. COG protocol says that after 5 years post treatment, all scans clear then we have reached REMISSION! She was only 3 when cancer tried to take her from us. The memories of the fight are fading from her mind; scars are her only permanent reminder. Still she remains one of the strongest, bravest souls I have come to know. She is 9 years old and about to start 4th grade. She has the world at her feet. General Dad and I are so grateful for all the prayers, love, donations and support all of you have given our family. We are humbled and grateful….truly blessed. Thank you!

Your Commander In Chief,

Amber (CIC Momma)

Goodbye 3rd Grade

Good morning Troops!

This past week has been a very busy one. Our warrior went to the dentist and lost another baby tooth. This doesn’t sound like much to normal people. But for Jilli, it’s huge. As we came to find out, chemo has had an effect on her adult teeth. X-rays show that some of her adult teeth are missing and some did not grow to normal size. This is something we will have to deal with when the time comes. For now, at least her two front teeth are there and slowly coming in; until then she has the cutest toothless smile.

Yesterday she said goodbye to all her teachers and to being a 3rd grader. Yep, there were tears. Fourth grade, lookout! Here she comes!

Enjoy your summer troops!!!!


Thanks Grumpy Cat

Much Jillian’s Army love being sent to the owners of Grumpy Cat at the news of her passing away. This beloved grumpy feline was nice enough to send some love to Jillian during her treatment proving that you can be grumpy and still very kind. 💜 #ripgrumpycat

Happy 9th Birthday

Hello Troops!

Our warrior turned 9 years old today. It was “Take Your Daughter To Work” day, so Sienna and Jilli spent the morning at Mercedes Benz of Henderson with General dad. Then had a fabulous lunch at Red Lobster with the family. And after that, we went on an adventure to Lee Canyon for a hike and a little playtime in the snow (what’s left of it.) She wanted Chinese food for dinner and then we sang Happy Birthday with cheesecake. It was a fantastic day. And I will never stop saying how lucky we are to see this day. This is just another milestone that was almost taken away 6 years ago when those ugly words, “your child has cancer” were spoken. Here she is, living…. growing… and making our lives more entertaining everyday. Happy 9th Birthday Jillian. I love you more than words.

A day at the Races

Thank you so much Make-A-Wish and Tommy Johnson Jr. Grandpa took Jillian and Sienna to the drags today compliments of Make A Wish of Southern Nevada. Not sure who had the best time, the girls or their grandpa Gil! Go Tommy Go!!!!

A Visit from the ToothFairy

Good morning troops! Our little warrior is creeping up on her 9th birthday next month! So it is crazy that she still has all her baby teeth. Still have no idea whether or not the cancer treatment had anything to do with this or not. However, I have some exciting news! Jillian FINALLY lost her first tooth last night!!!!!

It had been wiggling for over a week now. It’s been driving her nuts and kinda painful. Last night at a restaurant while we were having dinner with Aunt Paula and Uncle Rob, she decided she had enough. She wiggled it until it started bleeding. Then Sienna and I went into the restroom with her. She wiggled it so much that she pulled it out!! The tooth fairy made her first visit and left Jillian a dollar. She was so exited!

So to all of you and the fabulous ToothFairy,


Go Knights and Make-A-Wish

Special thank you to #makeawishsnv, Max Pawn, and especially Nate Schmidt of the Vegas Golden Knights for taking the time to care! My girls had a blast! Go get em Nate and #vegasgoldenknights 💜💛🎗

– General Dad

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