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Thanksgiving post 2016

Better late than never! Due to technical difficulties on our site, my post from Thanksgiving never posted. So here is a new one! 
Hope everyone had a safe turkey day. The girls had an early dinner with me and my family. Then General dad picked them up for an evening with his family. 
Our warrior is doing very good. She is enjoying a normal life. As times goes on, she seems to be forgetting everything she has gone through. We have now graduated to scans AND labs every 6 months. So April we will face the uncertainty once again. It’s a great feeling knowing she is no longer sick. But the memories still haunt us. Every time she complains of leg pain… or a head ache… panic sets in. My heart knows she is fine but my head questions everything. It’s definately not a state of mind I wish for anyone to have to live in. But we do our best to live in the “now”.
And “now” is making cookies, wrapping presents and waiting for Santa… for tonight, the magic will happen. 
Merry Christmas Eve troops!
CIC momma

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