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Scan Results and Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

The last few days have been extremely stressful on this whole family. September 21st marks the 2 year mark that Jillian has been off treatment. And that was also scan day as was the 22nd (they do scans for two days here). Not only does the anxiety of making our girl drink the contrast and endure the iv pokes make us crazy, but then the waiting for results…. Sometimes it’s too much to bear. We have seen kids like Hazel relapse after being good for two years. It haunts us. But after some relentless phone calls, we were able to get the results very quickly. Our brave girl remains NED! Sigh of relief. We are good for another 6 months.

September is coming to a close and there are still other children facing brutal treatments and relapses… my heart hurts for them and their parents. We need more awareness. We need more funding to find a cure. All the Vegas and Henderson troops can come out and support The Ronan Thompson Foundation next Wednesday night. Zoo Karaoke will be hosting a benefit to raise funds for this foundation. They are making great strides in there quest for new treatment options to put an end to Neuroblastoma. I will be there singing my heart out for my little warrior! Thank you all for your love, prayers and white light sent our way. We felt it!

CIC momma

P.S. Jillian’s scans are clear!!!  No evidence of disease!!!  The karaoke benefit show is at Sunset Downtown at 203 S. Water Street and if you can’t attend donate here Zoo Karaoke Benefit

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