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Hi Troops!

July marked 6 years since our warrior started fighting for her life. In September it will be 5 years since her treatment ended. She has had clear scans ever since. She wasn’t able to have the final MIBG scan to look for cancer cells; the insurance company deemed it “unnecessary.” But she did have on final CT scan to check for any tumors. Scans came back clear once again. COG protocol says that after 5 years post treatment, all scans clear then we have reached REMISSION! She was only 3 when cancer tried to take her from us. The memories of the fight are fading from her mind; scars are her only permanent reminder. Still she remains one of the strongest, bravest souls I have come to know. She is 9 years old and about to start 4th grade. She has the world at her feet. General Dad and I are so grateful for all the prayers, love, donations and support all of you have given our family. We are humbled and grateful….truly blessed. Thank you!

Your Commander In Chief,

Amber (CIC Momma)

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