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The Party’s Over

Hello troops hope everybody is staying cool from the wicked Summer heat. We have had a busy summer. Right before school started we took our annual summer trip to San Clemente, California. We got some beach time in before the lifeguards ordered everyone out of the water due to a shark sighting. And we spent two awesome days exploring Legoland. Jillian has certainly developed a liking for a fast roller coasters.

Of course all good things must come to an end. It’s time to focus on being a big second-grader. I was amazed that Jillian was so excited to go back to school, as normally she whines and complains that she doesn’t want to go and that she hates school. This morning’s new schedule went easier than I expected. We were up, dressed, fed and out of the house on time. After school was over I asked Jillian how it went. She was so excited and she exclaimed, “oh my gosh Ms. Singh is so much better than Ms. Bechtler! it’s just like high school!”  Oh the things that come out of this kid’s mouth. Never a dull moment with her. As I dropped off my baby girls for another first day of a new school year, of course I cried like a blubbering idiot. Jilli now a 2nd grader and big sister Sienna a big 5th grader. I hope the rest of the year goes this smoothly.

Not only is the party over for us, but a new arrival signifies the end of the partying days for some close friends of ours. Jillian’s army wishes to give a big salute to the newest troop; we would like to welcome baby Jaxon Bane to this great big world. His mommy Krystal Bane is also a cancer survivor who was instrumental in making Jillian’s big “Make A Wish” come true. Krystal and her husband Will are amazing people and we are so happy for their growing family.  We love you guys, congratulations and SALUTE!!!!

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