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Happy Father’s Day

Jillian’s Army wants to wish a very Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.  Jillian is blessed with amazing grandfathers and of course our very own General Dad.  Make-A-Wish of Southern Nevada published an amazing article about The Power of a Wish as seen through the eyes of our favorite #WishDad – Jesse Moore.  You can read it here: http://snv.wish.org/news-and-events/wish-blog/wish-blog/jesse-moore-on-fathers-day


The End of 1st Grade

Summer Greetings Troops!

Another school year has come to an end. Our warrior completed first grade with a certificate for A/B Honor Roll.  Yesterday we said a tearful goodbye to her teacher Mrs. Bechtler. We celebrated by going to the movies to see Wonder Woman and then a yummy dinner with her bestie. It was a long and tiring day but a great way to kick off the summer.  Have a safe and happy summer everyone!

CIC momma

Happy 7th Birthday!

Good morning troops! We have had quite a weekend celebrating Jillian’s 7th birthday. Sunday she had a small party at SkyZone with a few of her friends & some family then back to daddy and Lisa’s house for more family playtime. Last night was her actual birthday so we had a dinner party at my house. This year she is into the movie Moana and wanted that for her birthday decor. Of course she got it.  LOTS OF IT!

I know I probably say this every post, every event and every milestone; but I take nothing for granted. We should’ve been at a cemetary releasing balloons yesterday instead of grilling hamburgs & brats. I am blessed. I get to rush around town searching for party stuff and decorating 2 cakes last minute… picking wrapping paper up from the floor and cleaning dried frosting stuck to my counters. Mounds of dishes and opened birthday gifts all over my once clean living room.  I wouldn’t trade any of that for the world.

Happy 7th birthday my precious JilliBear. Salute!

CIC momma

Scan Days

Good morning Troops.  Today is day 2 of Jillian’s scans.  The C/T and 1st set of MIBG were done yesterday and today we did the second set of MIBG scans. I am pleased to already have the reaults back from the C/T. 

Results: Stable with no new evidence for new disease!

Thank God! Now we wait for the results for the MIBG…. positive energy and prayers and good thoughts please!

CIC momma

Welcome Spring 2017

Good morning troops! Today we welcome the first day of spring. 

With spring always comes a sense of renewal…. changes. The weather changes, scenery changes and sometimes life changes. For this family, change seems to be an constant event. I have since gotten used to this creature we call “change”. Change is our new normal in this life. And after all, “Normal” is just a setting on the dryer.

Our warrior has scans coming up this week. As much as I am hopeful and confident that these scans will continue to read NED,  the reality of this disease still sits in the back of my mind. I follow the pages of the other children fighting. I read the blogs and I read the comments. I have seen pictures of the ones that have relapsed and the ones that have gained their wings recently.  I wish I had a more professional or eloquent way to say it but, this plain just f**king sucks! My thoughts and prayers, strength and energy go out to all of you still fighting this battle. And I hope to have positive news from Jillian’s scans soon.
Until then, we will enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful park days. And I also must wish a very happy birthday to Jillian’s Army COPA (chief of public affairs) and Jilli’s Aunt Paula… Salute!

CIC momma

Hi Jillian’s Army! We know this honored kid…

Hey Jillian’s Army!

Hope you are all doing well, it’s been awhile and Jillian is doing great.  She is fresh back from a weekend spent at Knott’s Berry Farm with General Dad and her sister, Sienna.  While she was having fun, I saw on my Facebook timeline that St. Baldrick’s featured Jillian as their “honored kid” on Saturday.  It was also on Twitter and Instagram, and probably other social media networks I know nothing about.

We have posted before about how great St. Baldrick’s is and how they fund research and have even given grants to the clinic that Jillian was treated at.  March is their big fundraising push and this Saturday, March 4th, there will be a HUGE shaving event at McMullan’s Irish Pub.  This is one of the top St. Baldrick’s events and there are 427 participants scheduled including a cool guy I know named KC Camis.  This is KC’s first shave and he is doing awesome so far.  If you’d like to donate to KC’s shave, you can do so by reading this post on the Jillian’s Army website and clicking here.

We are all so blessed that Jillian is doing well.  St. Baldrick’s is a big reason why there is more hope for kids diagnosed with cancer than ever before.  We appreciate them and are proud that they featured Jillian. We hope everyone at McMullan’s and the Bald By Design team have a great shave on Saturday.  We give them all a Jillian’s Army SALUTE!!

St Baldricks Honored Kid Jillian– Aunt Paula

Thanksgiving post 2016

Better late than never! Due to technical difficulties on our site, my post from Thanksgiving never posted. So here is a new one! 
Hope everyone had a safe turkey day. The girls had an early dinner with me and my family. Then General dad picked them up for an evening with his family. 
Our warrior is doing very good. She is enjoying a normal life. As times goes on, she seems to be forgetting everything she has gone through. We have now graduated to scans AND labs every 6 months. So April we will face the uncertainty once again. It’s a great feeling knowing she is no longer sick. But the memories still haunt us. Every time she complains of leg pain… or a head ache… panic sets in. My heart knows she is fine but my head questions everything. It’s definately not a state of mind I wish for anyone to have to live in. But we do our best to live in the “now”.
And “now” is making cookies, wrapping presents and waiting for Santa… for tonight, the magic will happen. 
Merry Christmas Eve troops!
CIC momma

Scan Results and Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

The last few days have been extremely stressful on this whole family. September 21st marks the 2 year mark that Jillian has been off treatment. And that was also scan day as was the 22nd (they do scans for two days here). Not only does the anxiety of making our girl drink the contrast and endure the iv pokes make us crazy, but then the waiting for results…. Sometimes it’s too much to bear. We have seen kids like Hazel relapse after being good for two years. It haunts us. But after some relentless phone calls, we were able to get the results very quickly. Our brave girl remains NED! Sigh of relief. We are good for another 6 months.

September is coming to a close and there are still other children facing brutal treatments and relapses… my heart hurts for them and their parents. We need more awareness. We need more funding to find a cure. All the Vegas and Henderson troops can come out and support The Ronan Thompson Foundation next Wednesday night. Zoo Karaoke will be hosting a benefit to raise funds for this foundation. They are making great strides in there quest for new treatment options to put an end to Neuroblastoma. I will be there singing my heart out for my little warrior! Thank you all for your love, prayers and white light sent our way. We felt it!

CIC momma

P.S. Jillian’s scans are clear!!!  No evidence of disease!!!  The karaoke benefit show is at Sunset Downtown at 203 S. Water Street and if you can’t attend donate here Zoo Karaoke Benefit

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