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Time to Shave Uncle Rob’s Head

Hello Troops! Last night’s fundraiser was a SUCCESS! Zoo Karaoke raised $2204 for St. Baldrick’s! I am so happy and grateful to all of you for your generosity. And since that amount greatly surpassed their goal…. Uncle Rob will be getting his head shaved next Wednesday by Jillian herself!!! 

Right now , we are sitting at the hospital waiting for scan time. It’s giving me anxiety. All your prayers are welcome for this day to end quickly and her scans to be clear. Thank you all!


CIC momma

Strong Bond, Strong Family

September is almost over.  The end of another childhood cancer awareness month is looming near. But before it ends, Jillian’s army is rallying the troops once again. First and foremost I am asking for all your positive energy, prayers and love as we face another and possibly our final round of nuclear scans this Thursday and Friday. If she is still clear, we earn the title of “remission”. So please keep Jillian in your thoughts this week.

Unfortunately there are those out there that just heard the dreaded words “your child has cancer”. It is the most gut wrenching feeling in the world. There are those out there that are still fighting this battle. And there are those out there who are angels; their battles are over and their lives were taken too soon. We are asking you to join Zoo Karaoke in this fight against childhood cancer. This Wednesday night will be a fundraiser benefiting St. Baldricks. Jillian is one of St. Baldrick’s “honored kids” so this Organization means a lot to us.  You may click the link below to donate if you are unable to actually make the show in Henderson, Nevada. 


Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


CIC momma

3 Years Post Treatment

Hello Troops!

As Childhood Cancer Awareness month starts to wind down, I would like to share with you all that today marks 3 years since we won the battle against stage 4 Neuroblastoma. Jillian does, however have scans coming up next week and of course scanxiety once again rears its ugly head. I am confident that she will remain NED. I believe that this time they will declare her officially in remission.  I pray for clear scans and to keep my sanity as scan day looms closer. Next Wednesday, 6:00-10:00 pm at Sunset Downtown in Henderson we will be there for a fundraiser benefiting St Baldricks. Zoo Karaoke will be hosting this awesome event. I hope to see ya there!


Army Navy Strong

It comes as no surprise that Jillian’s Army is still fighting strong against Childhood Cancer. This past weekend, Army soldiers came together to help us get a head start on donations for an upcoming Childhood Cancer karaoke fundraising show to benefit St. Baldrick’s Foundation.  This is the third annual show, but the first to support St. Baldrick’s.  There are a number of worthwhile Childhood Cancer charities to support making it hard to pick just one.  Thank you Gil, Dianna, Sheryl, Krystal and Will for the early donations.  The show will be Wednesday, September 27th from 6-10 pm at Sunset Downtown in Henderson, NV.

St. Baldrick’s allowed us to choose “honored kids” to feature on the fundraiser webpage, and we choose Jillian and another neuroblastoma fighter from the Henderson area named Navy.  Navy’s mom reached out to Amber while going through the diagnosis process as she remembered her and Jillian from their previous hospital stays.  For such a “rare” cancer, this happened quite a few times throughout the years since Jillian was diagnosed.

Unfortunately during recent routine scans, Navy’s family got the news that she has relapsed.  We are all so saddened to hear this news and ask that Jillian’s Army send prayers and positive thoughts to Navy and her family.  

As always, the fight against Childhood Cancer continues.  We need awareness not just during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September but all year long.  We appreciate you continuing to follow Jillian’s Army and give you our traditional SALUTE!

-COPA Aunt Paula

The Party’s Over

Hello troops hope everybody is staying cool from the wicked Summer heat. We have had a busy summer. Right before school started we took our annual summer trip to San Clemente, California. We got some beach time in before the lifeguards ordered everyone out of the water due to a shark sighting. And we spent two awesome days exploring Legoland. Jillian has certainly developed a liking for a fast roller coasters.

Of course all good things must come to an end. It’s time to focus on being a big second-grader. I was amazed that Jillian was so excited to go back to school, as normally she whines and complains that she doesn’t want to go and that she hates school. This morning’s new schedule went easier than I expected. We were up, dressed, fed and out of the house on time. After school was over I asked Jillian how it went. She was so excited and she exclaimed, “oh my gosh Ms. Singh is so much better than Ms. Bechtler! it’s just like high school!”  Oh the things that come out of this kid’s mouth. Never a dull moment with her. As I dropped off my baby girls for another first day of a new school year, of course I cried like a blubbering idiot. Jilli now a 2nd grader and big sister Sienna a big 5th grader. I hope the rest of the year goes this smoothly.

Not only is the party over for us, but a new arrival signifies the end of the partying days for some close friends of ours. Jillian’s army wishes to give a big salute to the newest troop; we would like to welcome baby Jaxon Bane to this great big world. His mommy Krystal Bane is also a cancer survivor who was instrumental in making Jillian’s big “Make A Wish” come true. Krystal and her husband Will are amazing people and we are so happy for their growing family.  We love you guys, congratulations and SALUTE!!!!

CIC momma

Happy Father’s Day

Jillian’s Army wants to wish a very Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.  Jillian is blessed with amazing grandfathers and of course our very own General Dad.  Make-A-Wish of Southern Nevada published an amazing article about The Power of a Wish as seen through the eyes of our favorite #WishDad – Jesse Moore.  You can read it here: http://snv.wish.org/news-and-events/wish-blog/wish-blog/jesse-moore-on-fathers-day


The End of 1st Grade

Summer Greetings Troops!

Another school year has come to an end. Our warrior completed first grade with a certificate for A/B Honor Roll.  Yesterday we said a tearful goodbye to her teacher Mrs. Bechtler. We celebrated by going to the movies to see Wonder Woman and then a yummy dinner with her bestie. It was a long and tiring day but a great way to kick off the summer.  Have a safe and happy summer everyone!

CIC momma

Happy 7th Birthday!

Good morning troops! We have had quite a weekend celebrating Jillian’s 7th birthday. Sunday she had a small party at SkyZone with a few of her friends & some family then back to daddy and Lisa’s house for more family playtime. Last night was her actual birthday so we had a dinner party at my house. This year she is into the movie Moana and wanted that for her birthday decor. Of course she got it.  LOTS OF IT!

I know I probably say this every post, every event and every milestone; but I take nothing for granted. We should’ve been at a cemetary releasing balloons yesterday instead of grilling hamburgs & brats. I am blessed. I get to rush around town searching for party stuff and decorating 2 cakes last minute… picking wrapping paper up from the floor and cleaning dried frosting stuck to my counters. Mounds of dishes and opened birthday gifts all over my once clean living room.  I wouldn’t trade any of that for the world.

Happy 7th birthday my precious JilliBear. Salute!

CIC momma

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