Jillian's Army

A site to provide updates on Jillian Moore's fight against Stage 4 Neuroblastoma Cancer


Beach Vacation

Good morning troops. I am enjoying the cooler fall-like temps!!! And as summer slips away once again, I realized I never posted pics from the girls trip to the beach this year. We went with grandma & grandpa to the timeshare in CA. While we  enjoyed the sun and the sand, we also went to […]

It’s September-Go Gold

Before we get inundated with pink ribbons everywhere come October, let us take a moment to go gold now that it is September. I am seeing more support than ever before for our kids. But it’s still not enough. Awareness leads to funding and funding leads to new drugs; eventually leading to a cure.  Spread […]

Our Warrior Starts 1st Grade

I know it’s cliche to have mixed emotions about the first day of school.  I walked Jillian and Sienna to their line up dots on the playground this morning. Sien found her friends as usual. And Jillian gripped my hand tightly as she waited for her new teacher to lead the line of students into […]

Almost Back to School Time

Today the girls went to their school to see their classrooms and meet their new teachers. They are both excited to go back to school. Jillian is starting  1st grade… A milestone I thought would be taken from her and the family.  I loved watching her explore her classroom and sit in all the different […]

Hey Army…

As Jillian prepares to start first grade, can you all please keep this other Neuroblastoma warrior in your thoughts? Her name is Hazel. Amber explains the situation well: “My heart hurts…. This is the biggest fear of mine. Hazel has been NED for two years. I am praying so hard for this family and this […]

3 Years Ago Today

Today is always a hard one for me… I stand in her doorway with my coffee watching her peacefully sleeping. 3 years ago today I almost lost her and had no idea. I was reluctant to even take her to the doctor over a low grade fever. But because it had persisted for over 4 days […]

Our Warrior Graduates Kindergarten

Seems like it was just yesterday I dropped her off for the first day of kindergarten. Now the school year has come to an end and Jillian has promoted to the first grade.  The school held a little ceremony for all the kindergartners. They sang songs and read poems; it was the cutest thing.  It […]

Attention NY Troops

Brave The Shave- NY peeps…. Check it out if you can!! I hate cancer and I still continue to support those who fight! I encourage you all to still fight! Until there’s a cure, the battle will continue. Who’s child will be next? SALUTE!! http://www.stbaldricks.org/events/Finns2016

Update on General Dad

Just a quick update on our warrior Jillian’s daddy. The surgery on Tuesday went good and after spending one day in the hospital, they released him. He spent one night at his folks house but today he is home resting. Thank you for all your love and support once again!!!! SALUTE!! CIC momma

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