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A Visit from the ToothFairy

Good morning troops! Our little warrior is creeping up on her 9th birthday next month! So it is crazy that she still has all her baby teeth. Still have no idea whether or not the cancer treatment had anything to do with this or not. However, I have some exciting news! Jillian FINALLY lost her first tooth last night!!!!!

It had been wiggling for over a week now. It’s been driving her nuts and kinda painful. Last night at a restaurant while we were having dinner with Aunt Paula and Uncle Rob, she decided she had enough. She wiggled it until it started bleeding. Then Sienna and I went into the restroom with her. She wiggled it so much that she pulled it out!! The tooth fairy made her first visit and left Jillian a dollar. She was so exited!

So to all of you and the fabulous ToothFairy,


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