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Thankful 2017

Hello troops! Now that I, your commander in chief, have minimal to do in keeping our warrior cancer free…. I had decided to go back to college. Well now, this is a lot more work than I remember from 20 years ago! School has kept me quite busy lately so I apologize for missing out on my Thanksgiving post.

This year, the girls spent Thanksgiving with General dad and his family. Though I missed them, I remain thankful that they have a great dad and two sets of families that love them more than life itself. I am thankful for my wonderful family and Jesse’s too. Family is sooooo important!

I continue to be thankful for YOU, the wonderful army that came together for a little girl that many of you have never met. I am thankful for friends….I have made some great new ones and LOVE my peeps that have been around a while and have stuck by me through all the drama. I am thankful for every day that I can watch the sunset; every day I can kiss my girls. I am thankful for dogs…. without my Roxy girl, I’d be lost. And best of all, I am thankful for love. Without love, what is life? (Quoting my fav band Def Leppard on that one).

I want to share one of Jillian’s homework assignments with everyone. Most of you will “awww” at it, but I laughed myself crying! She is epic, she is funny, she is a character, she is Jillian.

Happy Holidays troops, SALUTE!

Amber, aka CIC momma

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