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A pretty amazing turn of events happened on Monday night. You might remember Krystal and Will from a previous Soldier of the Month post. Krystal is the cancer survivor who was on the billboard with Jillian….

As a survivor, it was expected that Krystal would have complications from her treatment including fertility issues. Couple that with the horrific survival rates of Stage IV neuroblastoma and you will appreciate the below post from Krystal:

“You guys. I fought tears tonight. Never did I think I’d see the day that Jillian would meet a child of my own. So many variables in life could have prevented this. But here we are. Conquering and shit. JILLI, I TOLD YOU, GIRL!! We will prevail. #lifecomplete”

Well put Jaxon’s momma, well put indeed. SALUTE!! 

– COPA Aunt Paula

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