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Welcome Spring 2017

Good morning troops! Today we welcome the first day of spring. 

With spring always comes a sense of renewal…. changes. The weather changes, scenery changes and sometimes life changes. For this family, change seems to be an constant event. I have since gotten used to this creature we call “change”. Change is our new normal in this life. And after all, “Normal” is just a setting on the dryer.

Our warrior has scans coming up this week. As much as I am hopeful and confident that these scans will continue to read NED,  the reality of this disease still sits in the back of my mind. I follow the pages of the other children fighting. I read the blogs and I read the comments. I have seen pictures of the ones that have relapsed and the ones that have gained their wings recently.  I wish I had a more professional or eloquent way to say it but, this plain just f**king sucks! My thoughts and prayers, strength and energy go out to all of you still fighting this battle. And I hope to have positive news from Jillian’s scans soon.
Until then, we will enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful park days. And I also must wish a very happy birthday to Jillian’s Army COPA (chief of public affairs) and Jilli’s Aunt Paula… Salute!

CIC momma

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